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Bone Injusry and Urgent Care for Treatment in Houston

found that, each year over 1.5 million Americans have shattered bones as a result of osteoporosis alone through the United States. The urgent care clinics can assist anyone if they have been harmed and are unable to see their regular care physician. The Urgent Care Clinic makes recovery simple and affordable by providing treatment from caring, skilled health care specialists.

What are the different types of bone fractures?

Sprains and fractures can result in discomfort, edema, bruises, and restricted mobility at the injury site. Bone fractures can take a variety of forms. Some of the common bone injury types are given below.

Hairline fracture

A hairline fracture is a minor break or acute bruising inside a bone, often termed as a stress fracture. The bone is not totally broken or separated in these bone injury types. A hairline fracture’s most prevalent sign is discomfort. This pain may worsen with time.

Stable Fracture

The fragmented edges of the bone are aligned and scarcely out of position in a stable fracture which is the most frequent and straightforward bone injury type. The most likely reasons of bone fractures include physical damage, misuse, and other diseases that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis. The average time for a stable fracture to recover is 6-8 weeks, however this varies significantly from bone to bone.

Compound Fracture

Compound fractures are noticeable fractures or cracks in the bones that may be seen through the skin. Sometimes, a fragment of bone will pass through the skin. Simple fractures are less dangerous but more painful than compound fractures. The majority of complex bone injury types need surgical intervention during recovery.

Bone injury symptoms

The seriousness of a bone injury in foot or anywhere else in the body is determined by the site of the fracture, the person’s age and general state, and the extent of the injury. To ensure faster healing process, we must consult a specialist and discuss our problems in order to make the task easier and more successful.


Swelling can occur within our cartilage and the bones underneath it as a result of an injury. Instead of wasting precious time wondering about where to go for broken bone, we can go to an urgent care facility near us if someone has extended swelling or if it becomes steadily worse instead of better.





Blood may accumulate underneath the periosteum as a result of an bone injury. Tissue damage causes cell demise, which is then cleared up by an inflammatory reaction. The bleeding begins immediately after the injury and seems to last for 1-2 weeks.

Bone Deformity

A bone deformity is a structural deviation or distortion of the structure of the bone from its usual position, length, or size. Bone deformity is a symptom of a bone injury that has recovered into a malalignment or by nutritional inadequacies.

Discolored skin

This is one of the first thing that occurs around the skin of an injury. If the discoloration does not go away with primary treatment at home and leaves a lasting pain, then it can be a symptom of a bone injury that needs the attention an urgent care center.

Unable to Put weight on injured area

An injured bone is unable to carry weight of any heavy object. Even if we don’t feel the necessity of getting treatment from a minor injury, this symptom will alert us about the injury which needs urgent attention.

Other symptoms

The symptoms vary on the type of the bone injury and the person’s body. Some people might also feel dizzy, nausea and lightheadedness along with other bone injury symptoms.

Does urgent care treat fractures?

When the fracture is not serious and not in a dangerous position, urgent care centers can help. The urgent care doctor will classify the bone injury type and prescribe the right medication to facilitate rapid bone healing. They have access to radiology testing and experts who can treat individuals who need casts or splints for fractures. This fact is an answer to those people who have this question in mind that ” Does urgent are cast broken bones.” The bone injury Doctor might recommend going to an emergency room if they discover the shattered bone requires immediate care.

 Urgent care is also widely available and handy for addressing minor medical crises, but major or life-threatening injuries should not be treated there.

Bone Injury causes

Our bones might be fully or partly fractured. One can break bones in a variety of ways, including:


Either of the lower leg bones can indeed be fractured by a minor accident. The leg bone, on the other hand, is rarely to be shattered without additional stress.


Bone-weakening medical conditions

Osteoporosis, infections, prolonged steroid usage, osteogenesis imperfecta and bone cancers are all examples of this.

Overuse injuries

This is a frequent occurrence in athletes. Stress fractures are small breaches that form in the body’s weight-bearing bones, such as our shinbone. Usually, movement patterns and repetitive forces on the bone cause it.

Broken Bones: ER or Urgent Care?

After getting into an accident the first dilemma people has is finding the answer of “Where to go for broken bone?”. To have the answer we need to understand what cases are done comfortably in the ER and which cases are for the Urgent care centers.

The process of healing may need a plaster, a casting, or perhaps even operation, based on the area and seriousness of the bone fracture. Broken bones may be diagnosed and repaired in hospital emergency rooms, but it’s not always easy. When the fracture is not serious and not in a dangerous position, urgent care centers can help.

Broken bone no insurance, what to do?

Individuals can still see a physician and seek medical attention in the urgent care centers, even if they have never had health insurance. We don’t need to be concerned if the broken bone is repaired entirely and without consequences. However, if the sort of bone injury type is serious and may require surgery, we should contact the state’s Medicaid administration to see whether we are qualified for Medicaid. Based on the state’s Medicaid rules and restrictions, Medicaid will cover the healthcare expenditures in the future and might reimburse part of the previous costs if patients qualify.

Dangers of Bone Fractures if Left Untreated

When the bones detach due to a fracture, this is known as bone fracture. Bone fractures frequently occur quickly and cause excruciating pain. However, certain fractures take time to form. Some of the most typical signs of a fractures include discomfort, swelling, and discoloration, but these can cause real problems for a nasty bruise. Some people will go to the clinic if they have even the tiniest ache, while others will wait until their neck is falling off their body before going.

If remain unattended, the suffering from a bone injury would most certainly intensify over time. Many organisms pass through the bloodstream, and a few of them can contaminate the bone or the bone’s marrow if the injury is severe enough. Any of these nerves might be damaged if a bone fracture is goes untreated. furthermore If a bone heals incorrectly, it can cause excessive tension and possibly muscle injury.





Can we go to urgent care for a stress fracture?

If we don’t treat a stress fracture, it might develop a severe condition. Urgent care healthcare professionals can identify the condition and give patients immediate medication.

Where is the closest urgent care near me?

Turning on the cellphone’s Navigation and looking for an urgent care within 5-10 miles if feasible is the easiest approach to find the nearest urgent care clinic. Every urgent care center offers extremely competent and compassionate doctors, medical assistants, and dedicated staff to treat patients without an appointment.

What function does urgent care play in the treatment of a broken foot?

When the bone injury type is not serious, urgent care services can help. We can go to the urgent care and get the fracture stabilized with a splint or a cast.

Is a cast required for a hairline fracture?

A hairline injury takes a unique procedure than even the most serious fracture. Although a cast is unlikely, the physician might advise patients to maintain a brace to keep the arm immobilized.

Is it true that casts are applied in urgent care?

Broken bones can be diagnosed by urgent care physicians and other professionals, and mild fractures can be stabilized with casts or splints. They will also supply patients